Thursday, October 23, 2008

Weather in Guatemala

One of our team members, Don Yarborough, is already in Huehuetenango assessing the needs and making preparations at the orphanage for our work projects. Today, Don had the following to say about the current weather conditions:

I have been here almost two weeks and had 3 days of sun. Most days it rains, frequently in the afternoon. The fields around us are muddy. We should plan to do the Sunday activities at the orphanage like we did last year. The staff here is thinking along these lines and setting up play stations. As for the Thursday activity let´s play it by ear and see what the week brings. The playground area we rented last year is still there, but the [historic] ruins would be a better experience for our people, depending on the ground wetness. It is also a little cooler this year. Night and early morning temps have been in the high 50´s to low 60´s. Afternoons have been 10 degrees warmer, but without the sun some would think it pretty cool. We are on the cusp of the dry season, so we'll just have to wait and see. Bring a light wrap.

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