Thursday, October 30, 2008

Guatemala: Day 6

This morning began with a devotional from Robin. She reminded us that God is not interested in us keeping rules. He is interested in our hearts. The cross proves that Jesus loves us no matter where we have been or what we have done... His love is greater!

Following breakfast, we made our last drive to the orphanage. As we entered the gates, our welcoming committee ran to the door of the bus. Cleaning the smudges on the glass from the fingerprints and noses will keep our driver busy for a while (it's great!). Several of the children were wearing the tye dye t-shirts we made on the second day of VBS.

Finishing the project work was a priority today. The baby room had been needing a way to keep the older and younger babies separated in that one room. We provided them with a foam mat for the floor and constructed a corral to help the workers divide the children. Electrical work continued until the last possible minute as did the sewing of curtains for the boys dorm room.

Around 12:30 p.m. we loaded the children on a bus and headed out for a picnic and birthday party. Our destination was an area containing Mayan ruins. We stuffed the children with pizza and birthday cake as we celebrated the children's birthdays as well as three members of our team... Nola, Robin, and Jim. It was a beautiful day, a spectacular view, and a lot of fun for the children.

When we returned to the orphanage we had a closing event in which the children sang and danced in a program they had prepared for us. Sandra, the director of the orphanage, unveiled a plaque mounted in the wall thanking First Baptist Church of Conroe for the trips we have made as well as for our ongoing support. We concluded our time with the children by handing out gift bags to everyone.

Tomorrow is a travel day which takes us through Antigua and back into Guatemala City. On behalf of our team, I thank you for keeping up with our ministry efforts and for your prayer support. It has been an awesome experience with the children, with our team, and with our Savior.

En El Nombre de Jesucristo,


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