Sunday, October 5, 2008

Oct. 5: Just Walk Across The Room

Today was a great launch to our "Just Walk Across The Room" emphasis. The worship service was awesome with the testimonies, singing, preaching, and video all coming together to point toward the Savior and encourage us to do the same for others. Classes from 7th grade all the way to our most mature senior adult department have set apart the four Sundays in October to focus on building relationships and sharing the Good News. I have received great feedback on the book by Bill Hybels and would encourage anyone to read it whether they are involved with the church wide emphasis or not.

In the coming days be sure to share the stories of your walk across the room (office, yard, etc.) with us. You can post your comments here or email me at Please also let us know if we can share your information with others.

Walking with you,


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