Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Guatemala: Day 5

The morning of Day 5 began with Nola leading our group devotional. She took us to the Bible to remind us of Jesus’ inexplicable love for children and that even Santa Clause may disappoint but Jesus never will.

Following breakfast, we returned to the orphanage. As we arrived, the children made us feel as though we were best friends being reunited. The hugs and high fives soon turned to swinging, skipping, and sitting with one or more children in our lap. Love and a caring touch transcends any barrier created by language.

Our final session for Vacation Bible School was held today, and all project work resumed with a heightened awareness of our limited time here. I must remember next time to warn the team members working on electrical projects before sneaking up with my camera set to flash.

At the end of the day, we walked outside of the orphanage and jumped on a local “chicken buss.” Our destination was the downtown market (Mercado). People were everywhere buying, selling, sitting, walking, talking, driving, and riding. It was truly a great experience encountering everyday life in Huehuetenango.

Today was another incredible day to be a part of something God is doing, but at the same time it was also a very different day. “How was it different,” you might ask. Well, several of the children began asking the question, “Will you return tomorrow?” We know it’s coming…they know it’s coming…it’s no secret that our time here will end, but it still difficult whether you are 4 or 74. Thursday will be our last day with the children on this trip. My prayer is that my son and I will be able to return again with other members of our family as well. We would love to be on mission with you wherever the Lord leads.


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